Friday, January 5, 2007

"the engine turns on a dime, and i ain't going nowhere tonight"

in coming here, i didn't think it would be a good sign if I ended up being served lunch at a police station...sure enough, I just ate in the courtesy cop cafeteria and got through a three hour unofficial tour of some Daejeon police joints (4 in all) with the Professor (the director's father). I'm still unsure as to why we went, think it had something to do with my being robbed, but no one seemed to ask me any questions, so I reciprocated. However, it seemed wherever we went we were in the wrong place for whatever purpose we were filling. no complaints from this kid, I got out of teaching this morning, but I couldn't avoid being in the vehicle when the Professor drilled some dudes car right outside of a said police station. Like that wasn't ironic enough, there just happened to be a courtesy cop standing right on the corner, as it went down, to call the balls and strikes. anyway, right on the spot the old man whips out a wad of cash and pays the guy off, I was awestruck and about to ask for a raise.

parking here is tight, the country is small enough as is, than give everyone a car and suddenly there's about as much room as 5 Sumo wrestlers in my boss's shit hyundai. In a the Professor pulls into this competely full lot...but apparently we have a difference of opinion as he puts the SUV in park and takes the keys out of the ignition....I laugh inside realizing 'we're actually parking here, he just boxed in 5 cars'. Than he takes out a scrap piece of paper and writes in large digits his cell phone number, and throws it on the dash. Apparently those 5 people didn't need to go anywhere in the next 10 minutes cause the his phone remained silent.

honking is quite overrated in Korea. everyday i have to take a 5 minute ride with my boss and he manages to keep up an average of about 3 horn usuages per trip. the other day, we were driving on a one lane street, and he gives er a honk, i look around but i can't fathom what the hell he's honking for, than suddenly he jams on the middle of the wheel again, apparently the vehicle ahead of us... was in front of us and should have pulled over... we being MORE IMPORTANT and all that jazz. in formerly stating the red lights are prolonged here, I wasn't exaggerating, today I was told it is a standard 2 minute light. Furthermore, the Professor tells me this morning to put on my seat belt (first time ever), I felt a bit pissed inside, than he runs a red light 2.3 seconds later..ahhh i see! I like his thinking. Taxi's are notorious for it, it seems mandatory for them to run 5 lights for you on the way home from the bars.

In Korea, you are born one year old, instead of starting at zero like us. So, everyone here is a year older than they'd be in Canada. And me,.. well I get to star in 'Back to the Future' being 25 for two years straight.

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