Friday, January 5, 2007

"I sail to the moon, I spoke too soon"

There is no doubt there will always be a need for those record stores that only offer and specialize in a certain "field" of music. This gives us as music fans the opportunity to find those unrecognized but very talented artists that are hard to come by at "HMV" (at least here in ottawa). In no way do I want to eliminate them. The way I figure is these "Organized Sound" stores could still exist and only offer what they want to appeal to, but they could eliminate the labels of what their store consists of; they could simply say, no we don't carry that artist, or yes we do. I see music fans as intelligent people who could still understand what they carry, but that wouldn't have to worry about being stumped about whether today 'the new deal' is considered this or that. They could just go to "N" and say Boo Yeah, the new deal.

I know many of you have a problem with eliminating labels because its such a major part of the music industry and always has, and you have always known music by them, but imagine (just for a minute) that we grew up in a music world that never once used a single label, music was just music. Would the industry be that bad off today? Would artists not have felt more open and been more experimental from the beginning, knowing they didn't have to try to fit in or walk along the lines of the common genres to be successful? Would it be that hard to know what you like or don't like, not being able to use genres to explain it to someone?

Music should be put in alphabetical order for the following reason. It is that much easier, to not have to think, just to have to go right to the letter ('c' for example) of the band you are after and go to the label that says ("coldplay" for example), then just sift through for the coldplay cd you would like to purchase (its just like growing one tree in your yard instead of many, so when you take your dog out for a pee, he doesn't have a variety to have to choose from, he can just take ownership of the one). Some will say, well I find it easy how it currently is, so why the need to change it? Okay, so your a music fan with time on your hands and you go into a cd store and are not just going in and out. What better way for the music industry to profit than to have fans accidentally trip upon artists from termed 'other genres' of music. The chances of one expanding their musical tastes or interests to include unexpected artists is heightened. Those afraid to be caught in the "pop" section looking for the new 'justin timberlake' single "senorita" no longer have to feel insecure, now they can lock up the albums from both artists on the "Justified/Stripped" tour and give the impression to others that they just picked up cds by "Tindersticks" and "Air". Okay, so most of us aren't insecure about our music purchases, my point is, we might trip upon something we grow to love, that we would have never experienced because we always thought there was nothing in the "country" section that we would ever enjoy and hence we never ventured over there (its like seeing that girl/guy of your dreams from a distance at the bar, but being to much of a wimp to approach him/her, instead you hope they will come over to you, thats never gonna happen!!). But with music i'm saying, thats a reality that can be made to happen everytime you walk in the store!!!!!!!!

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