Friday, January 5, 2007

on musicians

"i think he loved traveling because he traveled so much inside himself" (regarding jeff buckley)

"that is the mark of a true artist: to be able to intuit what was already in everybody's subconcious and to articulate it for them" (regarding bob dylan)

"smith's singing is almost never an interpretation of the song, but the only correct execution of it. He sounds like he's not singing from his stomach but from his head" (regarding elliott smith)

"nothing the band ever did, either in the studio or onstage, matched the way it sounded in his head" (regarding kurt cobain)

"before he even utters his lyrics, people accept his words as insights into their version of existence" (regarding bruce springsteen)

"he was the only rock singer who sung 'we' convincingly" (regarding john lennon)

"noel gallagher comes out onstage and walks up to the microphone and says 'this is a song about me. It's called Rock N Roll Star'. And then they just threw down their fucking arrogance for the next seventy-five minutes" (regarding oasis)

"he prodded and provoked, tested and tormented everyone around him to see if he could get an honest reaction" (regarding jim morrison)

"of course they're great, they're the best. But they're just complete assholes" (regarding all musicians..said by Danny Fields)

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