Friday, February 2, 2007

In a word: Many

This past October, Montreal was host to the 6th "future of music summit". Volunteering got me a free pass and I took in all these panels on different subjects pressing in the industry. Now you can too, I got my hands on a video link (found on the right). It will bring up 21 different presentations, they're about an hour in length each. Yeah, I know...but some of them can't be passed up, I highly recommend: 'Young Musicians' (on the panel: win butler arcade fire, torquil campbell the stars), and 'Cashflow: Revenue in the Digital Age' (slow start but 20minutes in hit some interesting thoughts). Video quality seems pre-1900, but your in it for the words and all can be heard.

(If you want a trailer, see my throw down captured within 'Music Manipulation' entitled "4 Days of Talk, Rock and Running around the Block")

Somehow I feel like I'm only speaking to the Daye's on this!

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Jerry said...

As always, the content is top knotch. Keep it coming!