Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It wasn't at all

surrounded the year with empty walls
capturing memories in frivolous scrawls
pining over what it all means
and the unlikely source that stole my dreams

losing sight more each day
end result of never being asked to stay

a hangul candle projects a world more intimate
running alone makes the possibility less eminent
desperate attempts to normalize my insanity
words escape in their own sweet vanity

the truth is hidden in a mistake
what reality of yours is fake
you say you don't know what true love is
and I know it too well
driven apart by a completely different parallel

transferred here to spark invention
lost the one I'll always mention
spend futile hours clearing words already spoken
pensively inserting actions awoken

broke down in a booth empty of storage
who could dishevel the lack of courage

used to be so independent
now I'm left here to defend it
my only hope down the line
I can distinguish what's yours and what's mine

- aaron smith

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