Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Top 5 from the Pop Montreal Listening Sessions

After draining through the sonic waves of over 1,700 bands that applied to don the stages of Pop Montreal 2007, come forward the names I want to create more buzz about.
* clicking on band name will send you to their music myspace

1) Kinetic Stereokids

from Flint, MI.

2) Sleepless Nights

from Halifax, NS

3) Lismore

from Jersey City, NJ

4) Ryan Shearing

from Montreal, QC

5) Lima Research Society

from Mahwah, NJ

1 comment:

aaron thomas smith said...

Ranked in order of preference for
1) spanning genres, (just discovered 'have a nice day' now) already loved other songs
2)"I don't want to move to Toronto" (what a line to accompany song titled 'You Say Godspeed You Deathwolf, We Say Broken Social Metric Party 1979')
3) Not my genre of knowledge or choice, but I love it.
4) M.Ward
5) Just as fun but probably more talented than "Flaming Lips"