Sunday, July 6, 2008

Strength in Numbers

"waiting for an opportunity to express his own views, as young people are fond of doing."

Step abroad seeking change, worlds the same, just different. Night, sun, food and drink, but how to breathe, what drives a pulse to pump. As a passerby, inundated. As a tourist, sought but not always discovered. As a local, understood but not always felt.

Ignorant not to declare that with every piece of land kicked, individuals lay claim to a love and hate relationship. To obstruct ourselves from this obvious observation is to pretend the world perfect. Just harness the ongoing battle. At times exasperated in foreign words and faces, other moments spent cherishing the tranquility, walking lost in thought. Finding comfort in strangers, while yearning for a home. Gushing with enlightenment at exploring ever changing scenery to shouldering a blank stare with a crave for solace in an ever familiar couch crease.

Picture from here. Love at first flight. Popularity always reaps sequel. Another scene, another take. Shoot.

Bring in a new idea, make it valid. Elder statesman chimes about respecting his notion. Be more like me, don't state an opinion, go with my decisions, wax to the rest. And it's done, they're standing in line and asking no questions. Summed, a nation singing in unison even if some are blindfolded in their dedication.

Never a half effort, but tiring in need for perfection, proper form exercised on par with breathing. Mire enjoyment omitted in favour of science.

Deceiving, deceiving perceptions. Be it the cover, or the meat material. Under the magnifying glass, the bare bones are thin, but replaceable. Imagination looking on, pretend the serene musician isn't tarnished by his lip-synching on stage.

An idea of slushing comfort. Change this today, yet even it won't be around tomorrow. Surprise, surprise, adjust or you'll be none the wise.

Everywhere I go, I see sentences waiting to be re-written. But only time has passed and I want to be rid of em.

"and I toured with you, and you toured with me, can you"

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