Friday, January 5, 2007

"gold lion's gonna tell me where the light is"

reason number two why i love oasis.....check out this recent interview with 'noel gallagher', arrogant and hilarious in 'quintessential gallagher' form... ....if you don't have time to read it all, you must scroll down to the question "what do you think of when you think of canada?". the French bit is exactly what i'm going through everyday here in the mtl (Al buddy I think this takes the cake on the "its from the prime minister, he wants to have tea with us; here i am dressed like a fookin afghan clown at three in the mornin")

and for all those who refer to oasis as a 'beatles' ripoff act, i throw you my impression of a 'beatles' ripoff "lemon tree" by Fool's Garden. i actually thought it was a classic beatles song (thanks to my small insight of their catalogue) until I was corrected by a beautiful italian girl in a car near Torino, Italy. anyway, its a decent tune and better to be viewed as a beatles ripoff than to be the original dave matthews band (sorry FD).

finally, recently read the book "i'm with the band - tales of a groupie" by pamela des barres (who kate hudson's role in "almost famous" is partially based on). its in some top 40 music books of all time list, but I beg to differ, not much talk in it but: drugs, sex and, i retract my former statement. anyway, its crazy to read all the people she's uhh 'encountered': jim morrison, mick jagger, jimmy page, robert plant, noel redding (from jimi hendrix experience), waylon jennings, chris something (from the byrds), 'don johnson' (the actor, haha), the list goes on. But take out the celebrity and the book is just a dragged on dramatic about someone's longing for marriage.

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