Friday, January 5, 2007

Music Dirt

('Guns N Roses' recently came through mtl) i was out partying with one of my teachers this week and she told me she ran for the show, and one of the countless requests Axl Rose had her fill was to rent out a movie theatre that day, so that he could go in and watch "casino-royale" all to himself, so she obliged and than he decided to not even go. rockstars and their money and ego.

in my program i find myself surrounded by a lot of kids in bands, and if there is one identifiable trait that is singularly the most annoying thing about these people, its that they hand you their CDs or demo material, but before you've even put your ear to a chord of it, they will predictably say "remember, this is just rough, i mean its just an old demo, our new material is so much better and we're looking to get in the studio to record some quality shit soon". the statement just sounds like a translation to 'we suck, but i'm gonna use an excuse so you don't think we suck'. as cliche as it sounds "if you only get one shot in the industry" why would you waste it on something you yourself believe to be garbage. its like trying out for the travel hockey team, but not sharpening your skates for a year before you hit the ice.

this week i read "the dirt (motley crue) - confessions of the most notorious rock band" another on that top 40 list. anyway, it reads like a typical VH1 Behind the Music Episode, quite similar to Anthony Keidis's "scar tissue", yet not as elegant or poetic. most gripping pages surround the death of vince neil's 4 old daughter from cancer. Also the following exert had me laughing on the familiarity of being on drugs....

"my surfing buddy turned me onto my first drug, angel dust. when I tried it, I was crammed with four friends in a '65 Nova at a drive-in theater screening. I didn't know how much i was supposed to smoke, and I wanted to keep up with my friends, so I ended up getting so stoned that I could hardly even move or speak. I couldn't wait to come down. A security guard came knocking on the window and I was sure he was going to take us to jail, especially when John rolled down the glass and smoke came billowing out. 'sir, please remove your foot from the brake. your taillights are bothering the people in the cars behind you', the guard said......i walked out of the car to go to the snack bar, which was in the back of the parking lot. Though the pavement only sloped slightly upward, it felt like I was climbing a mountain. I began to sweat and run out of breath as I struggled to put one foot in front of the other.....Going downhill on the way back, the ground seemed so steep I could hardly walk. I fell about eight times and skinned my knees and arms trying to navigate my way down this Mount Everest which, if I wasn't high, would have seemed almost completely level. Before I was even halfway to the car, I had spilled all the popcorn and soda I was carrying. Of course, I was so stoned that I kept clutching the empty cups and cartons as if they were still full while I tripped and stumbled toward the car."

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