Thursday, January 11, 2007

Most Intimidating Environment Imaginable

Not to long ago, headphones on ears, Shoes on feet, and embracing the globally warmed weather, I headed on another routine venture to downtown Montreal. On arrival, I sought out my untouched, yet destined address and walked into a modest sized office building. The lobby looked like the interior to the most elaborate hotels held within the blue and white circle we live on. Entering the elevator, I put a glow around the number 23, the top floor, and accompanied by some 'suits', took in the stop & go ride to the finish line. My elevator co-occupants briskly walked out with purpose, I cautiously stepped forward and began double checking with my written directions that I wasn't on an LSD enhanced adventure and somehow my presence was requested and expected at said location. This hesitation cost me, as I peered up and confirmed the sad truth, I also found myself stranded in yet another post 9/11 security locked elevator hallway. Having learned to embrace the role of 'potential threat', I knocked away on the glass wall and proving the precautions pointless, was buzzed in. This found me in a room occupied by businessman, all at least 10 years my senior, their finest 'harry rosen suits' along for the ride. Strutting my casually clothed late-self to the front desk, I put in my name and was told to have a seat, resulting in play being fingered on my MP3 player, bringing the sadness of 'emily haines'. Within a minute, I found a hand tapping on my shoulder and looked up to the presence of a lady in her mid-forties, wearing her finest business attire and introducing herself, she told me to follow her to her office and leads me to the corner office on the top floor. As I walk in, I peer years to the left and see a grizzly bear sized brand new Oak desk, to the right of me is a guest table, with four beautiful antique sofa chairs and the entire wall opposite me is a glass window overlooking Montreal. And as she shuts the door behind her, sets in, my most intimidating environment imaginable "I am going to be teaching english to the President of this Mutual Funds company".
And somehow I made it through, before the end of our session I was teaching her what calling out "shotgun" will get you in a vehicle.

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