Monday, January 15, 2007

Worthless Critique

Cafe Noir, Montreal, 1:17am as a couple a seat over get romantic, touching, kissing and hugging (they missed the name of the place)


'Mainlines, Blood Feasts and Bad Taste' lester bangs
first 30 pages...sober words meet hard core drugs, watch this explosive couple give birth to a beautiful baby. Rest of pages contain his reviews on classic rock n roll acts. Entertaining cause LB took a different perspective than the common read, valid unexpected bashes of popular bands, worth a read.

'Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing' benjamin nugent
the latter point a good summation. terrible book. shit author. rounds story up using interviews with half of elliott's friends and also making his own trips to locations (2 years later) and commenting on current cars on the street and such. haha. aimed at milking sales post elliott's demise.

'Please Kill Me - the uncensored oral history of punk' legs mcneil & gillian mccain
whole thing done through quotes of the people involved in the emergence of punk. Read unfolds with, seemingly everyone in the genre having been bisexual, lays a crown on iggy pop, details everyone consistently switching bands and stealing girlfriends, downplays lou reed, andy warhol, sid vicious, & johnny thunders, gives you the lowdown on the New York Dolls, Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, Iggy, CBGB's and Max's Kansas City, 90% of the words entail doing drugs. somehow all that comes off extremely attractive, solid read. when you close the back cover you find yourself looking back and deciphering who you would have been if you had been in the scene. Based on the words and actions of this person...Jerry Nolan here. pick it up.

'Cash: The Autobiography' johnny cash
i deeply respect the man and love his voice, but this book is boring. i'm sorry. johnny cash was definitely meant to sing, not write.


'Hard Day's Night' richard lester
finally took it in. not my cup of apple juice. i was deceived into believing this was going to show performances and interviews, not a movie starring the beatles. Definitely great dry sense of humour in the writing, but boring story.

'Metal: A Headbangers Journey' Sam Dunn
Not a genre of indulgence for most, but that's non-essential, entertaining documentary nonetheless. Informative regarding: roots of Metal, huge - largely unknown - annual festival (walken, germany), the satanic of black metal in Norway. If you enjoy Fubar, you'll be right at home. Some cameo appearances by Tom Morello, Chuck Klosterman, and Pamela De Barres and endless metal bands. Worth seeing.

Couple is still kissing, duder keeps pushing her on for one more kiss, and than his alzheimer's kicks in and he needs another.

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