Friday, January 5, 2007

motorcycle diaries

so, the other day I hopped on my buddies chopper and we headed for the coast,...i bet i sound like a tough motherfucker now. truth is we headed 150km southwest to some shit-ass island, which we had to take a 40minute ferry ride too. Also, I was on the back, freezing, but having the pain numbed being scared out of my fuckin mind. On the way, we passed this dude cruising on his hog, with his grandma on the back, holding on for dear life with no helmet on, it was too much for me (mostly cause I could never picture any of your grandmothers doing this, even with a helmet on)! We planned on staying the night partying at said island for the night, but after completely circling it in ten minutes and realizing it was lame and a ghost town except for some stray goats we turned right around and headed home. So, we motored home in pitch dark, right frozen,...come to think of it, picture the scene as from "dumb and dumber" than any "motorcycle diaries". (here's a picture of me going to scare said goats, on the left)

speaking of 'taek won doe' fights in class, the other day i started an eraser-piece fight with one of my 14 year old middle school classes (you know as a group cohesion activity). anyway, one student got carried away and threw a full-size piece at another kids head (to understand, that's like bringing in the tanks when we're using rifles) and he got him good. So, the kid gets pissed, walks around the table and retaliates hurling an equal sized eraser right at the kids temple. Anyway, he goes and sits back down, and they're both right red in the face, at this point, I state "alright, that's enough of that". Than the kid who originally got out of hand, said something in Korean taunting the boy...and without hesitation that kid got up and started walking around the table again, (from here out, everything was in slow motion to me) I saw it was gonna be violent and shouted "NO,... NO", but to no use, the other kid stood up to defend himself and they just started 'taek won doe ing' each other for a good 5 seconds before I could get there. It was honestly crazy, I felt quite guilty and shocked afterwards. But, than one of the students turned to me and said in his best 'Anchorman' voice "wow, that escalated quickly". In all honesty, a Korean co-worker tried to comfort me in saying, she once had a kid pick up a chair and throw it at another kid.

the other day some dude was intensely staring at me in the men's locker room at the gym (I had my clothes on, but still here lies the first unwritten no-no back home), clearly you've got to change your understanding with the environment, so obviously I see staring as el natural anymore. So, I gave a "hello", to which he replied "are you a model?" "no,no,no!" (as I laugh) than he said "your so handsome". Imagine this 2nd no-no happening in canada, I would have been obligated to challenge the duder to step outside. Here that guy turns around and walks out the door like nothing happened and he's still straight as an arrow.

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