Friday, January 5, 2007

"always remember the pact that we made, too young to die, but old is a grave"

Guess who has grown fond of pineapples and was on TV in Korea the other day? >aaron<. We took the Kindergartens to the supermarket for a scavenger hunt of food (which my team won through our strategy of sprinting down the aisles). Anyways, there was some news broadcasting station there and they wanted the kids in the story about flowers for spring on the nightly news, so they had us in the background while they asked some of the students (as I was told later) what was their favorite flower, to responses such as "the pink one". Needless to say, Korean Television is overrated.
I came to work with a cold today and after inquiring, a co-worker immediately harassed me why I haven't been to the hospital yet...I could only muster one response...."because I have a cold". Honestly, if a Korean gets a slight headache, they make a bee line for the doctor.

The following is too, too much. Was out for drinks with a co-worker the other day, when we got onto talking about the problem with kids and computer games over here. To say there's an obsession is an understatement, I mean there's PC Bongs (computer rooms) hugging every block and they are always packed with gamers. Anyway, she relayed the story to me, that the country didn't realize how big the problem truly was until in the last year both a kid my age (24 years old) and a 17yr old, have died in said PC Bongs, simply because they kept playing with no food or water for something like 30 hours straight. I can't comprehend this truth, the fact that someone would not understand they need to get up and do something or that someone wouldn't notice their condition deteriorating. I mean they just keeled over right there playing a video game. Call me insensitive but.. how embarrassing is that?

While on the sad subject of passing away, I'd like to make a tribute. The other day my sister called (3am her time), she was crying and barely audible as she said "hello". I knew right away something terrible had happened to someone in my family. It was an agonizing feeling as I waited to get it out of her...and than she proceeded to read the following email from my dad...

Sorry about this but have to tell you what happened , lately the dog has been taking off as the collar seems to have quit working and it has been quite the pain in the butt chasing the stupid thing all over. Well this afternoon I went in the back to shoot my bow which has bee a normal habit lately(at least 4x a week) as my main goal is to shoot the big buck I've only dreamed about for 26 years approx. and need to practice so I'm good to about 35 yards. Anyhow I let go with my first shot and Zoe just appears from nowhere from behind the target and jumps in front of the arrow. I feel really bad as she was in a lot of pain but the vet says she should make it but he wants like 700$. Mom is really mad at me but it wasn't my fault the dog just jumped out in front of my arrow, I thought it was down the street. Lucky thing I was shooting target points cause a broad head would have sliced right through it's vitals. Anyhow Mom says if Zoe makes it we will get the underground fence fixed which is about 200$. That's almost 1000$ for a stupid dog. If Zoe dies Mom says we will bury her in the back by the fire pit as she always liked that area. Guaranteed this is the last dog we ever have. Sorry, Love Dad

...when she mentioned the dog (although tragic) I breathed a sigh of relief understanding it was the dog and no person in my family. Than I proceeded to comfort her as Danielle was taking the news pretty hard. Next day I called her back to see if she had called my dad,...when she picked up the phone she said "Dad's an asshole, it was an April Fool's Joke". So, my tribute from earlier is to my dad, for simultaneously pulling off the best/worst joke ever. He had to repeatedly tell Jordan it was only a joke when she called from Brazil. This thing was supposedly planned out 2 months in advance. cheers to my dad...and yeah that's 'freddie mercury' perched on zoey.

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