Friday, January 5, 2007

"sometimes the tv is like a lover, singing softly as you fall asleep"

you know in those dramatic shows (90210, the OC) when the boyfriend walks in on his girlfriend cheating, so he bolts to his car and tears a whole in the street gunning it out of there. Well, as I discovered last night, things run a bit differently here; I'm taking in the korean equivalent of Melrose Place, when suddenly the guy upon finding his girl with another man, grabs his pedal bike (not a motorbike,... not even a scooter...a PEDAL BIKE) and furiously pedals away. Girls here can't feel to bad about cheating like that, I mean what is she seriously losing, a guy with a friggin bicycyle!!!

Back to TV, as a young lad growing up in courtright, ontario; on a warm summer day, I would spend hours and hours in front of the tube playing my latest Nintendo games. Than my mom would trip upon my activities and lash out "you think being good at a video game is gonna get you somewhere in life? Turn that off and get outside!"....Flash ahead...this vivid childhood memory rushes back to me the other day as I'm flipping through TV channels and trip upon a broadcast of an arena filled crowd all cheering and waiting for someone to take the stage. Seeing two booths on stage, I foreshadow the Korean version of DJ Shadow coming out from behind the curtain. Just than out walk two scrawny Koreans, further confirming my suspicion. Than they take their places in their separate soundproof booths and they pick controllers. And yeah...they just start playing away, with 18,000 strong hooting and hollering their every move (there action being displayed on the big screens). Fortunately, they didn't show the whole thing, rather they advanced ahead to showing the one dude coming out of his booth, exasperated, but arms in the air... being the victor, than they jump to an interview with his proud parents. Taking this in, threw an urgent impulse in my head to call my mom and let her have it about how she ruined my career potential.

My director has a sick sense of humour, the last two months have passed with my teaching in a winter coat, korean co-worker herself additionally sporting mitts and a scarf. Yeah, my boss is a bit of a cheap ass, well that or he likes to play "life in the 1800's". We have no heat at our school. Can't say I've ever (or ever thought) I'd have an indoor job where my number one concern was trying to stay warm. Of late, the director's been harping on us about all the kids leaving the school...'well maybe some of the kids parents aren't pushing preparation for life in Antartica!'. Furthermore, buddy is opening another school, imagine the frame of thought on that decision...."fuck heat, let's open another school". The kicker...this one had me laughing in his face... my co-worker told me that one time when she was coughing and complaining about the cold factor, he actually turned to her and said "well why don't you put on some mitts". Quick facts: I've been sick 3 times in the last month, some days I actually put my coat on as I walk from outside into school, when I arrived today it was 6oC inside (6oC). The other day this same guy was right bent on claiming that Rap Music was actually "Lap Music".

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