Thursday, January 4, 2007

sittin' here in silence

...i have gotten an unprecedented number of requests for a picture of 'redneck' (below), what?... i give the boy a name and suddenly he's given the stature of a 'michael jackson'. than again, maybe it's getting to his head...the other day he came in to class wearing a black leather glove on one hand (i promise I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried)

i'm competitive...all of you should know this. let me get to the point, playing a game of 'one-card' with some middle school students in class, suddenly i lose out on a prime opportunity to win (as i usually ensure is the end result), so i accidently react by quietly letting out "fuck!". the kids picked up on this right away and repeat it...I get embarrassed and start harping "no, no, don't say that"..(which was a mistake in its own). so the girls went haywire throwing it around, luckily for me they were mistaken and thought it was "buck", so i acted like they had me. I was especially releaved of this fact when class ended and they swarmed out screaming "buck" in every direction my director or fellow teachers could forward to a week later (today), same class....i got a package in the mail from eric delivered to the school, so, i open it right up in class, as i'm happily filing through the vast list of burnt CDs he sent (Eric your the man), the girls grab the unread letter/commentary portion and to my surprise (because 'english' definately isn't there top subject, fault of the stellar teacher) they begin to put their best attempts forward and take a shot at reading it aloud. as they each get lost on a word, they pass it on to the next person (i start realizing this as a good a lesson as any and i benefit in trying to make out eric's messages....i think eric might know where this is going)..suddenly the current reader enunciates loud and clear "FUCK!" I jump at the letter...end of lesson! can you guess what they did when class ended......

...yet i'm still here and making money. meanwhile, "heather" the friend i flew over here with, just got laid off from her school (they're losing students and going bankrupt), on top of that the director had the nerve of telling her to leave Daejeon in finding another placement as it looks bad on his schools reputation if others find out what happened, haha!

this email is lacking i know (enter an ever amusing kindergarden story) set up...its class 'cut and paste' time, which inevitably means get your party hat on, cause one of the punks has an original surprise in store. things are going good, i feel like i got everyone in check, suddenly all the kids are gasping, laughing and pointing at the 'one that got away', immediately i see a somewhat large pile of hair on the ground, a quick glance up and i lost it laughing. yeah, "danny" decided he wasn't content with his somewhat conservative haircut, so he made the executive decision that creating a significant bald spot about halfway up his right forehead would suit him just fine. no offence to danny, but he made the wrong choice!... and thats one of them cuts where 'hell, you can't go back', although he seemed quite overjoyed with the new look regardless. anyway, before i could step in to do something more productive than laugh, a korean teacher heard the proud celebrations and came flying in,..and as if the 'hairdo' he was now proudly sporting wasn't punishment enough, he got reamed out and the regular but never dulling in amusement, 'stand in the corner with your hands in the air'. kids just look so foolish standing there with their hands in the air with no purpose than to have the others laugh at their expense. poor kid, he takes the fall for me putting those scissors in his hands, i feel like i could have done something, than again, i don't wanna be blamed for putting the brakes on a potential barber. danny's happy, i'm happy, another day's work! korea, when a new store opens (any kind of store) the following occurs the first day of business: the entrance is covered with a rainbow of balloons, ghetto korean dancing music is blared on the street by the store, and they hire cheerleader dancing girls, who wear uniforms and do syncronized routines all day long on the sidewalk in front of the store. when you are within a blocks distance, there's no doubt, a new store is open...

...and its just another day in korea.

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