Thursday, November 6, 2008

He Dig

With self bubblin' anticipation of the 'Handsome Furs' new album 'Face Control', here and ici are mouth watering previews and insight on the couple via my hero Jian Ghomeshi's 'Q' show.

Continuing on the future of music, forthcoming is the first set list on hopefully a never ending tour. Basically, i'll setup and provide the performances, you just venture on over here and reap the reward, now the rundown of what's taking stage this show...

D'Urbervilles - dragnet
southern ontario's own interpol.

Elliott Brood - without again
self described "deathcountry". As you're probably all familiar, Elliott Brood is a band to tag Canadian pride too.

Friendly Fires - on board
A bit off beat for me. Yet, was far and away the most entertaining act at this years Summer Sonic festival (see story below).

Fujiya & Miyagi - knickerbocker
hailing from england not france, find yourself fixed in their trance, movin feet to a unique dance, give this band named after a 'karate kid' character a chance.

Kinetic Stereokids - have a nice day
originally flint,MI. now calling Chicago,IL. home, the aaron #1 highly publicized act is back, releasing the mentioned single, eliminating the samples and inserting a sweet and tender chorus.

Mates of State - my only offer
The husband and wife duo bring fresh air plugging their intertwining dialogue.

Okkervil River - lost coastlines
a journey i followed and got lost in.

Rural Alberta Advantage - sleep all day
i'll let their words take it "singing about hometowns and heartbreak, born out of images and trying to embrace the advantage of growing up in Alberta."

Shad - the old prince still lives at home
London, ON. a rapper with talent singing about REAL life, imagine that concept. up for the polaris this year, shad has probably already caught your ear.

Yeasayer - 2080
Put forth is a beautiful anthem on world consciousness. The band is a self described "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel".


Cadence Weapon - in search of the youth group
rollie pemberton grew to be inspired at 13 years old by a pioneer hip hop dj known as his father. He began rapping in Edmonton then and is now one of Canada's finest.

Caribou - Melody Day
for one who desperately misses 'elliott smith', daniel snaith brings him back for a last tune.

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