Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nevermind Age (the youth in sonic)

Accompanying the music, I chatted up a young darling to the Montreal music scene, a sure fixture of the industry's future in the city. Noah Bick, creator of Passovah Productions is the 'Almost Famous' Cameron Crowe persona of mtl, a teenager making waves and cutting his place alongside the seasoned veterans. When not busy penning homework, he can be caught running around the 'mile end' putting on respectable shows.

Straight off, how is CEGEP? how old are you exactly?
I'm at Dawson College(CEGEP), a student of the arts (mostly history) is what I am. Was born December 17th, 1990, making me 17 years old.

Can you recall the first show you ever went to?
Could have been B.B. King with my father

So, did your dad call the shots on your music in the early days? What did he scratch your interest at?
No, not to take anything away from his musical taste, but I think the most that I picked up from him musically was an appreciation for Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel.

How did Passovah come about? How long you been at it?
It got off the ground February 2008. I had really wanted to give putting on shows a shot, emailed some peeps and bam. The inaugural was a crazy ass loft party at the 'Friendship Cove' in Griffintown. My buddy Lukas and I put it on, had around 200 people out for a Telefauna show.

Did you start formally (legally) or are you learning as you go?
Yeah, I got the company registered a few weeks ago, but there was a spelling error and I have to go through the process of getting that fixed. Kind of annoying but 'c'est la vie'. I guess that's what I get for naming my company after an urbanized Jewish holiday.

What's the show count at?
Hmm the 20th is coming up on Nov. 20th, next Thursday, The Lovely Feathers at zoo bizarre.

In your short production tenure, name the best performance to come through your gates?
I did a show for local act Parlovr they killed it at the Jupiter Room in July. And people seem to be digging them now, check out this really good track 'Pen to the Paper'

What direction do you plan on steering this beast?
Sell out to Capitol. Kidding. I'd like to give managing a try.

You're ready to move on to something else?
Just looking to diversify. No way, love this stuff. Essentially, I'd like to bring a hip hop show to mtl, something along the lines of Rock The Bells although there isn't much of a market.

Throw me the necessities to pull off a stellar gig?
When it comes to local bands it's a combination of skill, amount of friends that they have, how many actual fans they've picked up and of course the venue itself, soundmen are key too.

What acts are you keen on putting to a bill?
I'd love to do a show for local party band Think About Life. They killed it last week at the Montreal modern art museum, wacky show. Also, Shad from London, ON. who's getting huge. Would love to do a show for him.

What's your go-to-method for effectively promoting your shows?
Facebook and postering

done deal. thanks man.

Moving on, songs for this evening (find audio control below list)...

Bon Iver - blindsided
Only for one who enjoys the odd mellow tunage, your somber being will be peacefully drifting off to sleep.

Department of Eagles - no one does it like you
Terrible band name, much less terrible song. In New York, pre 'Grizzly Bear', Daniel Rossen formed this band with his college roommate. The project at the time called 'Whitey on the Moon UK'(much better) has now evolved into a critically praised 'Department of Eagles' duo.

Land Of Talk - summer special
emits a Montreal Kathleen Edwards, but like an air freshener bringing its own scent.

Man Man - van helsing boombox
Coming outta Philadelphia, bare an attractive honky tonk style piano, tom waits drawl, war paint and exuberant live performances, exemplified here on the streets of Paris with energetic young bladers.

Matt & Kim - daylight
Brooklyn duo made a splash in 2006 with their debut, about to release sophmore effort, this either catchy or annoyingly received single inclusive. I side with the former.

Parlovr - pen to the paper
'"Took her out. Took her out. Took her out. Took her out. Took her out. Took her out. Took her out. Took her out." I love Montreal' (Noah Bick and his pick)

Ten Kens - refined
There are no Ken's in this Toronto band. But, there is definitely a love for animation, animals and pain in their videos, strangely making a vastly entertaining combo, see Y'all Come Back Now and Bearfight.

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