Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Clear Picture

A brief six years ago, in witnessing the attention his Uncle received from the 'older ladies' at taking sunset shots, Remi Theriault picked up his first camera. Fast forward half that clock and Remi decided to full-on pursue the adjoined passion. After which, he landed a gig close to birth, shooting the East Coast Music Awards in 2006 and making acquaintance with a number of bands. Resultantly, he presently does all photography for 'Two Hours Traffic', has shot 'The Acorn' on occasion and just finished work with 'Andrew Vincent'. Between pounding the streets, galleries, venues and alleys of Ottawa, the photog made some time in his whirling world to fill my appetite for words.

What is it you add to the world of photography?
Lately, I've been trying to make photography a little more fun. Started my blog at the start of summer and wanted to make people laugh. I guess every photographer is part entertainer. There's a lot of serious photography out there, which I love and do from time to time too. I probably have a split personality.

What perks are associated with being a photographer in the music world?
Other than having clients that are usually hung over and wearing stinky clothes... I find people in the music industry are really nice and often easy to work with. Getting in free to live shows, is also really nice. They don't share the groupies though...

Are you big on using your mindset for a shoot or is priority set on what the client represents or is about?
Before setting up a band shot, I try to get an idea what genre they want, listen to the CD and look at the art work to make it gel together.

What kind of background is essential for taking a band photo shoot?
Definitely a graffiti background or dark alley is a must.

What frame you look for in grasping the essence of a live show?
I just try to have fun and dodge the flying beer.

Does a band putting on a good show generally equate parallel in photos?
If I'm bored at a show, my brain seems to shut down. I'll take nice clean shots, but nothing too creative. If my head is bopping, it usually gets me going...hopefully the pics are in focus.

Seemingly there's a lot of amateur photographers in the live show game, do you cringe when people exhibit their glare in the darks?
It doesn't necessarily bother me, at least if the photogs get some respect. Don't stand mid stage the whole show, or if you do, put the camera down from time to time. Talked to a couple of bands about it, and most don't seem to mind.

If there was one musician you could go back in time and shoot, who would be in your lens?
If I could change the question to who I would most like to shoot...'Radio Radio'. An Acadian Hip Hop group creating a real stir in Quebec and slowly moving into Europe.

time to throw the music, some choices from remi (*), some from moi.

straight off, Remi is thrilled about 'The Danks' from Charlottetown and I side with.

The Acorn - crooked legs
saw the ottawa group a couple years ago at 'casa del poppolo' in mtl, was midnight and they had passed curfew, so had to keep it down for folks upstairs to sleep. Must have been a sweet sendoff to their zzzzzzz's or looked like this

Beach House - gila
if 'Pink Floyd' were young today, went to school in Baltimore and never did drugs. Was split between this number and 'apple orchard', you tell me.

Chad Vangaalen - tnmt mask *
the Calgary native is a radio3 staple. Canadians making Canadians proud, no better love.

Hi Lo Trons - lovesuit *
this Ottawa act has definitely got some Hawksley in em. fun, fun, fun.

Hot Chip - we're looking for a lot of love *
obviously the band is not being introduced to anyone here, but probably one of the songs that receives little attention.

M83 - kim & jessie
cheesy?, wrong decade?, I don't know, but I love it. They're even from beautiful honeymoon stop Antibes, France.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - everything with you
last I read (decided) 'The Smiths' are due for copyright cash, just stare at that band name. Shocked to have just read they're from New York.

Radio Radio - chemin de terre *
monsier theriault already filled in the blanks "an Acadian (moncton) Hip Hop group creating a real stir in Quebec and slowly moving into Europe". Personally, I'm not there, its alright, me and Remi ain't each their own. Couldn't bring you the desired 'Jacuzzi'.

The Walkmen - in the new year
up and down, back and forth, what a roller coaster of a song. Worth every twist and turn. merci ny.

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