Thursday, January 4, 2007

thrown out on the side of the new jersey turnpike of the kindergartens came up to me laughing with a plastic zip lock bag completely covering his entire head....i guess nothing is funnier than a good suicide attempt.

while on the youngsters..., a few weeks back i'm teaching a kindergarden class (5 students), we're all sitting at a table drawing in complete silence, when (as usual) two of the kids start up a dialogue with each other in Korean, they seemed quite passionate about the conversation, raising my curiousity as to the subject of discussion. Feeling inferior and believing their dialogue to be beyond my intelligence I start imagining they're discussing some intense political topic. Right when I get carried away dreaming that the two are debating on the unification of Korea, the boy on my left gets up and starts twirling and skipping around the room like he's performing the most important dance routine of his this moment reality struck me and gave me a more accurate estimation on the dialogue as being this:

(boy on left): "i can dance around like a fairy?"

(boy on right): "oh no, you can't, even if you can, I bet it won't be as good as my performance last week!"

(boy on left): "wanna bet?"

(boy on right): "let's see it!" .......the rest is history

Anyway, not long ago, I did get some insight into what the kids say. after school, me and the director were driving around Daejeon dropping the Kindergardens off at their respective homes, when we dropped off this one girl "Grace" (pictured below), she kept shouting something out repeatedly back towards the SUV from the street, I noticed that people around were stopping, looking in her direction and laughing, even the director was chuckling, anyway she kept on going as we pulled out. I asked the director, "what's so funny, what is she saying". He turns to me and says "she was yelling to Michael (kid in the backseat)..'you are crazy, you are crazy'"

final story...
went to church a ways back...korean teacher wouldn't stop harrassing me about going, so figured what the hell, anyway at this christian mass i discovered there is a portal (like in 'Being John Malkovich') entered from Alabama and allowing access inside a south korean church. The over-abundance of Bush loving americans didn't end with the patrons, even the 'blind pastor' was of american descent. Right away, it became quite obvious he was blind as he kept rambling "god is god, there is no other, he is the only god, there is none like him, he is god" ...I think the understanding of being in South korea got him thinking that no one understood simple english.

nonetheless, the entire prayer service wasn't a complete disaster, the full house band definately didn't disappoint. Turned out to be my first Rock N Roll show here in Korea.The band consisted of the blind pastor on lead guitar and vocals, Adam and Eve on backup vocals, and 'Comb Over' Kyle delivering viciously on the full drum kit (yeah, thats right full kit in church), the message was definately being drilled home. Its too bad they stuck to the religious set list, denying my request for some "Subterrean Homesick Blues" by Dylan. Even in what I suppose was the encore (music to lead out) they selected a second rendition of "O Holy Lord", I figure they could have at least ventured their religious word to include "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey or even "free fallin" by petty, but I guess they were 'blind' to this. (oh, weak aaron, weak).

life is funny when people are funny.

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